Hiring a Freelancer?

If you've ever had a great idea for a website but have no idea how to make websites or don't have the time to do it yourself, then hiring a freelancer who provides web development services might be the right course of action to take if you have the money for it.

A common misconception about hiring freelance web developers is that they are cheap and provide low quality work, in fact the professional freelancers who takes their jobs seriously will provide you with a better service and end-product than any web development agency can provide you with.

Hiring a web developer online is very easy nowadays as many freelancers promote themselves on social media, freelancer sites as well as on their own websites.

you can do a quick google or bing search for "Freelance web developer" and checkout a few websites that show up, It's not recommended to go with job bidding sites as most of them are already dominated by offshore individuals and companies that will undercharge for their service, provide you with a horrible experience and waste your money and time.

It is much better to find a portfolio of a web developer that you like, then contacting him or her directly through their website, you can also ask friends and collegues if they know any web developers that might be able to help you in your website creation endevours.

When youve contacted a few web developers and told them about your project then you should ask for their rate, years of experience and the timeframe that they would need to create your website.

Put them all side to side and chose the one with the most experience that you can afford (years of experience > price > timeframe).

Congratulations, you've just hired a freelancer.

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